Dthree Peer Learning

Cyberfenders Dthree (“Digital Defence Dojo”) helps cybersecurity professionals unlock greater wisdom and insights through the power of crowd.

Dthree is an online peer-to-peer learning group that addresses cybersecurity best practices and share hot topics in a structured way. Led by our team of experts, referencing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Centre, we share a common vision to educate each other in the interests of safer business. Dthree offers:

  • A broader cybersecurity awareness
  • Helps members identify potential shortfalls in their own operations
  • Keeps members informed of the latest global threats
  • Deals with typical risk and risk prevention scenarios
  • Addresses best practice for when a security incident has occurred
  • And member access to the Dthree portal

Dthree uses collaborative digital practices for working minds from anywhere in the world. Our approach is convenient for those in full-time jobs, whilst remaining the most cost-effective method for organisations to grow their cybersecurity wisdom. Groups do not exceed 15 members, with all levels of cybersecurity experience welcome. Dthree is technology agnostic and members are not subjected to vendor product selling or 3rd party spamming.

All that is required is a reliable internet connection. See the Dthree PORTAL for more information.