Cyber Defence Strategy

Cyberfenders can help you build a relevant Cyber Defence Strategy for your business.

With the current highly-publicised nature of data breaches, it’s easier than ever for executives and risk auditors to understand the serious financial and reputational damage caused as a direct result of cyber-attacks. This means taking action to prevent unwanted lessons.

Our strategy planning effort typically includes:

  • Classifying assets, applications, and data that need protection
  • Defining threats such as external attacks, natural disasters, and employee mistakes that can impact business continuity: indirectly, immediate, and long-term
  • Infrastructure Configuration Management controls for technical teams
  • Access Controls for centralised user authentication and authorisation methods
  • Network access and design, which influences the effort needed to compromise key systems
  • Auditability: proper logs help identify issues before they become security incidents

Cyberfenders reviews and optimizes your existing defence plan as a managed service, or can guide your team as part of a new process. The key to a winning defensive strategy is having a solid plan, which is implemented and maintained by a team you trust.